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Welcome to the official blog of Tecchies business computer support services, the only place you need to visit to read up on the latest I.T. issues facing businesses as well as stories from our many years of experiencing IT technical support. We’ll talk networking, servers, small business computer support, data switches, power supplies, storage and back up, security, PCs (and Apple Macs), best practice and business I.T. solutions and much more. We might even throw in the odd recipe (if you’re paying attention).

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Ransomware, Malware, Phishing… What’s it all about?!

STOP THE PRESS!!!! We now do onsite cyber security training but…. What’s it all about? Well… we all have heard these terms being batted about in the news or on the Internet but do you actually know what they really mean, what the consequences are, how to spot them and how to avoid them? Didn’t…

Cyber Secuirty

Cybercrime is one of the most significant criminal threats to the UK. Last year alone there have been over 2.5 million internet related crimes within the UK. However what is slightly more concerning is that 80% of cybercrime could be prevented! Did you know? Each day over 100,000 new pieces of malware are created. Your…

Dr DOS – September Sick Note

Dear Sir/Madam, Please excuse Sarah’s PC from work today. It appears a serious case of malware infection has occured, I have prescribed a healthy dose of user training to prevent this reoccuring and to protect other team members from infection Yours Sincerely Dr DOS.   Did you know, around 80% of issues with devices that…

Anti-Virus V’s Anti-Malware

Every one of us who uses a computer has some form of Anti-Virus on it to protect it. Right? If not then look forwards to some sleepless nights, hacked identity and money out of your bank. Most of us who have Anti-Virus Software just sit back and let it work it’s magic and think nothing of it….