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Welcome to the official blog of Tecchies business computer support services, the only place you need to visit to read up on the latest I.T. issues facing businesses as well as stories from our many years of experiencing IT technical support. We’ll talk networking, servers, small business computer support, data switches, power supplies, storage and back up, security, PCs (and Apple Macs), best practice and business I.T. solutions and much more. We might even throw in the odd recipe (if you’re paying attention).

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Mind Your Service

We have recently partnered with a cloud service management software company called Mind Your Service’. Mind your service has been established in the USA since 2010, the software was built to provide a flexible service industry driven job management solution assisting and supporting companies that provide a Maintenance, Installation or Equipment Sales service. The software…

How big is your mailbox?!

On our hosted exchange system your mailbox size is now a whooping 125GB which is now almost 3 times more than mainstream providers (i.e. Outlook 365 provides just 50GB). Why should you use hosted exchange over onsite exchange? ·      Hosted Exchange is the fastest growing cloud sector – with over 450 million users, Exchange is…


You really do need to call us and hear it for yourself! Our VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone systems are absolutely amazing! Small businesses are discovering why VOIP systems such a powerful tool for maintaining a competitive edge. VOIP systems not only work from your office location but also allow employees to work from home or…

Dropbox for Business

Need to store your files safely and securely? Need your team to be able to access files remotely? Want to be able to control which files staff can access? Retrieve unlimited versions of files and recover files? Want to track user activity? Then you need Dropbox for Business! Our Tecchie team happen to know a…

Sage Software Update

I am sure by now you will all be fed up of reading and hearing about Windows 10! So given that a change is as good as a rest, we thought that we would tell you about the Sage update instead! Sage is one of the most popular accounting packages on the market with over…

You are only as strong as your weakest link

We often go on and on about educating your staff about IT related fraud and scam emails, but it really is the only way to keep your company safe. An American IT security training company has recently been exposed to an email from a fraudster. Their financial controller received an email that was cleverly created…