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    Tecchies business I.T. emergency repair service
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    Tecchies business I.T. maintenance support service
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    Tecchies strategic business I.T. service
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    Tecchies’ Special I.T. Projects
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Rosemary and Thyme peddle their wares.

“It’s broke again!” said the caller. “We just never seem to get the service we need, and as as we’re a growing company it’s becoming mission critical that it’s ALWAYS up and running. Can you help us?” We at Tecchies are always up for a challenge “Sure!” said Megahertz Martin “I’ll be over to have a chat with you about what your requirements are, and we’ll have an engineer with you in 15 mintues to get you back up and running.” It turns our that Rosemary and Thyme run a very specialised business within the herb supply industry, and all their business is done via email. This had become a very critical part of their business. We recommended cloud based email that solved 4 problems in one fell swoop. They were so delighted that they had received fast and efficient service, that they took us on as their I.T supplier!