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    Tecchies business I.T. emergency repair service
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    Tecchies business I.T. maintenance support service
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    Tecchies strategic business I.T. service
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    Tecchies’ Special I.T. Projects
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Do you have an I.T. project that’s particularly challenging or a little out of the ordinary?
Do you have a problem project to which there seems to be no straightforward answer?
Look no further than Tecchies.  Our IT services will make a difference! 

Chinese strategist Jiang Ziya in his seminal work ‘Six Secret Teachings’ describes recruiting talented and highly-motivated men to serve in specialised, elite units to carry out missions not considered run of the mill. They could muster and move in a heartbeat, be briefed on the move and figure out how to do something exceptionally well, with few resources and in demanding and unpredictable situations, but did they specialise in small business IT support across Lancashire? When you’ve got a project that sounds like this, call the Tecchies, we’re up for a mission and we’re armed with our very best services in computer support.

Some call us I.T. ninjas, others call us technical wizards, our wives call us something we can’t repeat when we’re late home, because we won’t stop until a solution is found. Our years of offering IT services have given us the experience, knowledge and technical ability to add value and we’ve put all these together to offer small business computer support across Lancashire. Whether you’re I.T. team is up against the clock and needs an extra resource to pull you through, or you know what you want to achieve but not where to start, we thrive on a challenge.

To discuss your special I.T. project or to find out more regarding our small business IT support contact us or call the batphone on 0333 222 4022 and we will happily make you aware of everything you need to know in relation to our services.

We don’t really have a batphone, but you get the gist.