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Services we offer


Hosted Exchange

UK Cloud based email with free email signatures with every mailbox plus a huge 125GB storage per mailbox. Hosted exchange means that you can be confident your emails will be reliable, whether you have 3 or 300 emails for us to look after the same level of high quality service will be provided.
Previously exchange was carried out on premises with a physical server which meant that you would’ve had to pay for the purchase of a server and licenses. However, hosted exchange is now
installed and managed in the cloud, enabling you to have access to a large range of extra features – making your email more than just send and receive.


Dropbox for Business

Make your business more organised and efficient with Dropbox for business. This business specific version of cloud storage means that you, or any of your staff members, can access your files from anywhere, on any device.

You are able to control access and share files with whoever you need to, with a massive 1TB of storage per user you can enjoy what feels like unlimited space.



Voice Over Internet Protocol is a cost-effective solution to your business’ telephone requirements.

A UK cloud based telephone system, VOIP, provides an alternative to the traditional methods of

UK Cloud based telephone system.  Pay monthly for handset and all UK calls and calls to mobiles included. Direct number. Voicemail, call forwarding.



Are you looking to change your connectivity provider? We provide a range of reliable and efficient internet connections suitable to a variety of business’ needs including ADSL, FTTC and leased lines.
If you are unsure what Internet connection would meet your requirements our team will be more than happy to talk you through the different options that we provide and find the best solution for you and your business.


Disaster Recovery

Everyone knows the importance of backing up their data, but have you ever considered how long it may take to restore that data if there was a system failure?  If it’s a server, how long will take to obtain a new one and then recover the data? How long could your business survive with downtime of a few days or even a week? Our disaster recovery solution can have your system up and running again in minutes.  Speak to us to find out more.



Server support

Server error or failure can be detrimental to a business, that’s why we recommend having regular and reliable server support for your business.

We provide server support for all the latest Microsoft server operating systems.  With our remote monitoring software, we can keep a close eye on your server and remedy issues before they become a major problem, which means that you can feel confident that your server is in safe hands.


Domain hosting

Looking for a new domain name for a new or existing business? Or are you fed up with existing web host not providing enough support? We can register and host new domains on your behalf, or transfer over your existing domain to us, so we can provide extensive support to your business.

We are able to provide both Windows and Linux based hosting.



Need some help sourcing your next piece of IT hardware? We supply a huge range of IT hardware ranging from servers to PCs, laptops and tablets whatever piece of equipment you are looking for we will be able to supply it for you.

We also have a range of networking equipment such as routers, wireless access points and data switches.



Alongside being able to provide networking equipment our team can also install network cabling including comms cabinets, patch panel and RJ45 sockets. If you are in search of a wireless network solution for your business we will be able to help.



Cyber Security training

Interested in training your staff to be more aware of the dangers of emails and cyber security? We run cyber security training for staff members to make them more aware of the possible threats that they are facing when working on their computer.

As part of our training we test your staff members before and after the training session to see how your team have been made more aware of online safety.

We provide a range of cyber security training packages suitable for all business types and industries.