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Mind Your Service

We have recently partnered with a cloud service management software company called Mind Your Service’. Mind your service has been established in the USA since 2010, the software was built to provide a flexible service industry driven job management solution assisting and supporting companies that provide a Maintenance, Installation or Equipment Sales service.

The software allows you to schedule jobs for your staff manage their diaries and allows them to remotely access the software via mobile or tablet to update the job details confirm deliveries, itemise what stock has been used, compare quoting cost with actual cost. There is also a facility that allows your to track via GPS the location of yours staff at any given time and also allows you to add in a facility to work with subcontractors. The software is easily adaptable so that it can cater for all trades and is very simple to use. The invoicing layout can be tailored to your requirements and your staff can even attach photos of the jobs progress or the completed job.

Mind Your Service now has over 6000’s users and is ever increasing. If you would like to reduce your paperwork, improve accuracy, increase efficiency and increase availability of your workflow then let us give you a demo. When you see just how versatile and valuable this software is we can tailor the package for you to get you and your team started.


·       Increased customer service – no more jobs lost or late, allocate the best technician

·       Improved cashflow with mobile invoicing on completion

·       Increased efficiency – efficient quoting, ordering, invoicing with control of margins, inventory

·       Optimal staff utilisation – intelligent scheduling system based GPS tracking of location and job time

·       Efficiency with mobile technology, optional rugged device available in subscription

·       Able to grow with you, not run out of power

Main Features

·       Job Management

·       Scheduling

·       Mobile Access

·       Planned Maintenance

·       Invoicing, Billing in Real-Time

·       Time, Labour, Expenses

·       Contracts

·       Asset Management

·       Reporting

·       Runs on Windows Mobile, Apple and Google phones and tablets

·       Customer Access