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How big is your mailbox?!

On our hosted exchange system your mailbox size is now a whooping 125GB which is now almost 3 times more than mainstream providers (i.e. Outlook 365 provides just 50GB). Why should you use hosted exchange over onsite exchange?

·      Hosted Exchange is the fastest growing cloud sector – with over 450 million users, Exchange is currently the fastest growing cloud sector  worldwide.

·      Exchange dominates business email – Exchange is a professional tool designed specifically for businesses of any size.

·      Boost your clients productivity – With Exchange your clients emails and data are accessible on any internet device.

·      Better collaboration between colleagues – Exchange allows the sharing of documents, calendars, tasks and other types of business data.

·      Cheaper than using in-house servers – Hosted Exchange removes the need for expensive on-site servers and ongoing maintenance fees.

·      Exchange uses the latest security encryptions – Exchange is secure and fast, our Hosted Exchange includes Anti-Virus and Anti-spam as standard.

If you would like to find out more about how our Hosted Exchange could work for you then please contact us on 0333 222 4022.