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    Tecchies business I.T. emergency repair service
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    Tecchies business I.T. maintenance support service
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    Tecchies strategic business I.T. service
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    Tecchies’ Special I.T. Projects
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Looking for computer support that YOU can rely on?
Fed up of sorting I.T. problems yourself or putting up with IT support services wide that just aren’t good enough? Then you need a Tecchie!

We know more than most, however many business owners think that I.T. can ‘manage itself’, just switch it off and it will run and run, or the fail safe – Just turn it off and on again! However, like any situation things change! With today’s progressions in technology I.T. is updating faster than everyou need the foresight to make sure you make sure you can adapt. Our clockwork maintenance computer support is for those of you that want to stay ahead of the game and adapt your technology and make sure that it performs 100% of the time.

When you think of Tecchies, think of us as your ‘I.T. roadies’, rock-solid installation and maintenance of all your kit so you can just turn up, switch on, crank it up and perform. We live happily behind the scenes, with OCD tendencies in our preparation, we’ll make sure your performance isn’t blighted by technical hitches, glitches or gremlins. After all, we do offer the best computer support across the WHOLE of Lancashire.

Regardless of your predicament, you can guarantee that our support services will help.

Are you an I.T. manager?

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands on that installation or just a second opinion on the right type of kit?

A couple of our Tecchies have previously held in-house I.T. positions in some of the largest organisations in the UK – we understand the pressures of the job! Our in-depth, up-to-date knowledge and skill can support I.T. Managers.

Form more information regarding our IT support services, please contact us today.