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Welcome to the official blog of Tecchies business computer support services, the only place you need to visit to read up on the latest I.T. issues facing businesses as well as stories from our many years of experiencing IT technical support. We’ll talk networking, servers, small business computer support, data switches, power supplies, storage and back up, security, PCs (and Apple Macs), best practice and business I.T. solutions and much more. We might even throw in the odd recipe (if you’re paying attention).

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SBS Server end of life

Time waits for no man and Microsoft are the same. Yes folks if you are running Small Business Server 2003 the exchange module (looks after all your email, calendar and contacts) will be no more, caput, ceased to be in August 2014 Not long to go As you will need to replace the server which…

The Cloud………What is it…………and is it any good for small/medium businesses?

“Just stick it up in the cloud”    “we backup to the cloud”    “we get our email off the cloud” These are all statements i guess u have heard over the last year. So what do they mean and more importantly what do they mean to u and ur business? Well let’s take it one step…

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Happy Birthday to us!!

The Tecchies brand is now 1 year old.  How time flies!  It seems like only yesterday when we first donned our co-ordinated, branded shirts whilst drinking tea from our colour change mugs.  A year is a long time in the technology world, but it’s actually only a short time in the evolution of our company. …


Anti-Virus V’s Anti-Malware

Every one of us who uses a computer has some form of Anti-Virus on it to protect it. Right? If not then look forwards to some sleepless nights, hacked identity and money out of your bank. Most of us who have Anti-Virus Software just sit back and let it work it’s magic and think nothing of it….

Back Up Online. Head in the Clouds?

We here at Tecchies believe firmly in backing up our data. We love the warm snuggly feeling we get leaving Tecchies HQ at the end of one of our regular Back Up Days knowing that all our valuable data is nice and safe should the worst happen to us while we’re fast asleep in our…

Windows XP End of Life?

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP as of April 2014. This means, as of now, you will not be able to install and run Microsoft Office 2013, or Internet Explorer versions 9 or above. Before introducing a new OS into a business environment, testing…