• Oh **I.T.!

    Tecchies business I.T. emergency repair service
  • Clockwork

    Tecchies business I.T. maintenance support service
  • Masterplan

    Tecchies strategic business I.T. service
  • Special

    Tecchies’ Special I.T. Projects
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IT Support Services

Looking for a partner who can offer the best computer support across Lancashire and who also views your business from the outside, not from within it? Fed up of unreliable companies offering PC support making for short-term I.T. solutions resulting in too many costly changes or do you just want an I.T. support solution that works for your business?

Business strategy and technology don’t have to be mutually exclusive, in fact for Tecchies computer support, it’s the norm. Our straight-talking, clear, business-led services are refreshingly straight forward so your technology works for and not against you. We at Tecchies speak in jargon-free language and if we have to get technical we can always draw you a picture. We’re also independent and not tied to specific hardware, you get the best cost-effective solution for what you want your business to achieve.

Who should call us?

Business owners who realise that technology should be used to keep control of a business, not be gripped by it. If we don’t make your life easier, we haven’t done our job (we stop short at doing the weekly shop though). We’re based in Burnley, Lancashire but can offer PC support across Lancashire.

We have four simple I.T. services, each and every one tailored to the very unique needs of our customers. Click below to find out more or if you require more information regarding our computer support across the beautiful county of Lancashire.

Oh **I.T.!

I.T. emergency or just the same old frustrations?
We’ll have you back up and running in a tick.


Fed up of technology catching you out again?
We’ve fixed the problem before you know there is one.


Have you got a clear set of goals for your business?
If so, this could be the best investment you ever make.


Need a team to take on that special I.T. mission impossible?
We may not hang from ceilings on a wire, but if James Bond was a real person, he’d follow us on Twitter.

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